LIVE from Ditkas

CHICAGO-Our boards are down, but we won't let that stop our coverage of National Signing Day. WildcatReport was at Ditka's for Pat Fitzgerald's press conference and came out with these quick notes:
He did not answer any questions on unionization.
"We felt like we dominated Chicago-land again."
Eight different states - four of the guys are from Illinois.
On schools that offer tons of scholarships to players in the classes of 2016 and 2017: "I don't know what those guys are doing but good for them."
On Justin Jackson: "Justin's been a very dynamic player."
"I'm not sure he's gonna have to adjust a whole lot [to the spread.]. We saw all the things we ask our running back to do." …. "With Justin, we were able to see in camp the skill set we look for at the running back position."
All 15 commits were captains of their high school teams.
"If we're playing here on Saturday, Trevor's our starting quarterback."
Twenty-two percent "hit ratio" on scholarship offers.
"We get em to Evanston, we've got a high hit ratio.
On his "policy" of pulling offers: "At the very core of what it is, it's honesty."
Mentioned AJ McCarron's take on five-star players feeling entitled: "I'm very concerned about the inflation of ego. … This will be the hardest transition any young man goes through."
"Fitz doesn't know how some players who are raved about "can be as successful as the hype."
On greyshirting and early enrollment: "There's been some systemic change within the university that allows us to have some flexibility. We'll see how things progress on a case-by-case basis."
He wouldn't expand on that quote, saying: "That's code for: 'it's none of your business.'"
On decommits: "Just the nature of the recruiting business."
On advantage of having a staff that is there for the long-term: "I think we've made our intentions pretty clear that what we want to build here is a team that competes for championships. …That's called taking the tough road to get to be where you want to be in life."
Since the boards are down, if you have any specific questions about what else he said, tweet at me @DiLallaRivals. I'll get back to you quickly.