Best of the Best: The final round

Judging by the results from the semi-final round, this competition definitely seems to be a battle for second place.
The Gator Bowl win garnered every single vote in its matchup against Collin Ellis' pick-sixes, and it doesn't seem like either of the options can slow this historic victory on its way to its rightful place as 2013's "Best of the Best."
But can College GameDay's return to Evanston pull an upset bid? We're about to find out. As in previous rounds, read on to find previous results, view the final matchup and vote for your favorite moment.
Results: Round 2
1. Gator Bowl win (100 %) def. 5. Ellis' pick-sixes (0 %)
2. College GameDay (56. 25 %) def. 3. Collins hired (43.75 %)
Results: Round 1
1. Gator Bowl win (95.31 %) def. 8. Dickerson TD (4.69 %)
2. College GameDay (82.54 %) def. 7. Scott INT (27.46 %)
3. Collins hired (61.02 %) def. 6. Purple Friday (38.98 %)
5. Ellis' pick-sixes (64.06 %) def. 4. Law commits (35.94 %)
Note: Round 3 voting will be open until 12:00 p.m. on Jan. 3.
No. 1. Victory formation in Gator Bowl: It was a thirst that hadn't been quenched since 1949. For more than six long decades, the Wildcat faithful went without seeing their team win a bowl game. But on New Year's Day of 2013, the streak was finally snapped. As Northwestern took a knee on Mississippi State's 10-yard line to cement a 34-20 victory, chills went down the spines of delirious Cats fans in the EverBank Field stands.
2. College GameDay comes to Evanston: After a 4-0 start, Northwestern's preseason dreams were answered. Ohio State wouldn't be the only big name in town for Homecoming weekend, as ESPN decided to broadcast its famous pregame show live from Northwestern's lakefill before the big game. And, despite low expectations, thousands of students packed the area, with some arriving as early as 6 p.m. the night before the broadcast. Quite simply, Northwestern became the center of the college football universe for the day.
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