Comparisons are inevitable. And Ben Thorson is just fine with that.

The Class of 2019 quarterback from Wheaton (Ill.) Academy is, of course, the younger brother of Northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson. So he’s well aware that just about everything he does on the football field will be compared to his older sibling.

The similarities are striking.

They both have the same type of skills, skills that have made Ben a Big Ten-level prospect and Clayton a third-year starter at NU.

They are about the same size: Ben is 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds, while Clayton was the same height and about five pounds heavier when he was going into his junior year of high school at Wheaton North.

They even sound the same, with the same voice tones, inflections and even word choices; so much so that this writer doubts that he could tell them apart blindfolded.

Ben doesn’t mind the comparisons because to him, Clayton is more than just an older brother.

“He’s one of my closest friends,” said Ben, who texts his older brother every day and talks to him two or three times a week. “He’s a mentor to me.”

Indeed, Ben says that Clayton breaks down his brother’s film every week and offers pointers. He even instructs Ben on how to conduct interviews and, as Ben puts it, “stay humble.”